Worried About Text Neck? Here is How You can Get Rid of It!!

Today, the most common thing that we see in which everyone is indulged, is none other than the use of smartphones. These have really become the center of attraction in our lives. Just look around you, you will definitely see a number of people sitting in your office working, but simultaneously using their smartphones as well. While travelling, coming back home, you might observe people happily involved in mobile usage with their neck bend.

No problem, if we do find enjoyment, entertainment in such an activity, but the concerning thing is its after effects. A text neck is the term that is mostly used in such situations. It occurs when your back becomes excessively stressed as a result of carrying a hand held device and looking in a forward and downward position.

The resulting problems can be

No issue, if you are very much addicted to your cell phone usage that reading this blog is making you sad, because we have presented some awesome tips to refine your smartphone usage that would serve as a great help in alleviating your neck pain.

Ways to Fight Neck Pain

The good news is that, with some stretches you will be able to battle the neck pain and return fit in your normal routine.

Prioritize Your Tasks

You come home from the office, swipe your phone and think of editing a movie. But wait a minute, don’t do something that will further stress your back, or do not sit in a constant position for long. Only do those tasks that are most important.

Stand against a Wall

In order to protect yourself from going through any worse situation of neck pain or muscle strain, try standing against wall while using your smartphone. This position will help in keeping your vertebrae aligned. Moreover, it will also compel you to keep your cell phone just exactly at your eye level, thus causing less or no trouble for your neck.

Siri Is Best For You!!

Yes, Siri app is best for you if you are a very busy person who prefers using his/her smartphone most of the time. This way you will not have to stress your back in a constant position, causing you acute neck pain as there will be Siri having incredible speech-to-text capabilities eliminating the need of holding your cell phone and texting all the time.

Stay safe from neck pain, neck injuries and other muscular pains that can lead to severe problems making it uneasy to even perform your daily chores.

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