Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation is a coverage authorized by the law regulating authorities that provides cash assistance and medical protection to the workers who are injured or suffering illness from the direct consequences of their job

The compensation is paid by the employers and the employ is not liable to bear any sort of expenditure. Weekly compensation, including cash benefits and medical assistance is paid by the employer as is directed by the Workers’ Compensation Board

What is worker’s Compensation Board?

The workers’ compensation board is a law regulating agency that handles the applications of the employees claiming for compensation against injuries caused in the workplace. If the board arbitration is necessary, it will determine whether the  bona fide is liable  for medical compensation or cash benefits or medical care

In the case of Workers’ Compensation no party is held liable for any fault. The compensation to be received by the employee is not increased by any fault of the employer neither decreased by his or her carelessness. However the claimant will lose the right to the Worker’s Compensation if it is proved that the injury has occurred due to the use of drugs or alcohol or with an intention to harm any other person

When the claim is not paid?

A claimant is not liable for the compensation if the insurance carrier or the employer disagrees with the claimant  in such case the jury of the worker’s compensation agency will decide whether the  claimant is innocent or not. If the insurance carrier and the employer agree, that the injury or illness occurred is work related the employee is liable for coverage.

In the meantime, if the dispute is caused between the claimant and the employer, the claimant is given disability benefits, but with the future reimbursement of worker’s compensation the payment will be deducted

 Other benefits

Other than the cash benefits if the employee is not able to earn because of the injury or the illness caused he or she will be compensated with the wages two third of the which he or she had earned in the days of health. The injured one can also continue with the work in alternative position or light work load


The main objective of establishing such rule is to provide a platform for the employees who suffer from work related injuries and to help them benefit from the communication between the health care organizations and insurers. The guidelines facilitate insurers to recognize their service and provide their best according to the accepted medical treatments