Work safe or get compensated

Mishaps occurring in the workplace can be minimized, but are not completely avoided, fortunately our workers’ compensation program is a remarkable channel to compensate the loss arising of workplace injuries. If you are not able to restore to your work after being injured at work, the state not only compensates you for all of your clinical expenses and also compensates for your financial losses. A workplace injury can bring a physical and emotional trauma, and becomes sometimes even it become life threatening says Dr Zaki Anwar, MD.

We show our eager concern and offer our full cooperation towards all the employees, the lawyers, insurance companies and employers to help minimize the loss and provide utmost medicinal care at a highly affordable cost

Our aim is to minimize the consequences of work related injuries. Our foremost aim is to acknowledge the people who face injuries at work. We have on board our expert team of specialists. They offer the right care for such happenings. Our expert physicians

  • Accept patients who are covered by workers compensation insurance.
  • Use best practices to provide compassionate and high quality medical care.
  • Have overall commendable outcomes at relatively reasonable cost throughout the illness or injury.

Common work injuries include herniated discs, fractures, torn rotator cuffs, knee injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing loss, amputations and burns are treatable Workman compensation.

There are several questions that still persist with the worker’s compensation benefits, many of the worker’s are not acknowledged of the benefits of reduction in financial burden consequently arising from workplace injury.

The division of Labor’s office of the worker’s compensation program, regulate four chief disability compensation programs that provides to federal workers or their dependents who gets injured at work or receive an occupational disease; these four programs include;

  • Wage replacement benefits
  • Medical treatment
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Other benefits Does workers’ compensation

Does workers’ compensation cover just my medical bills?

Worker’s compensation pays for the clinical and medical expenses that are obligatory to diagnose and cure your injury. As well it also offers disability payments in the span when you are unable to work, the program may also provide rehabilitation, retraining and other benefits

Are all on-the-job injuries covered by workers’ compensation?

The worker’s compensation program, or can be said as workman compensation funds most but not all  on the job injuries. The worker’s compensation is devised to provide compensation to injured workers, even though an injury arise by the employer’s or employee’s negligence. However, there are some limitations Usually injuries that are caused by the misconduct of the employee or illegal actions are not given any compensation. Compensation will also be not given in the case if;

  • Self caused injuries
  • Injuries caused to a worker during committing a serious crime
  • Injury occurred off the job