Will I get better with the facet block Injections?

According to current research, approximately two-thirds of people in the United States suffer from back or neck pain at some time in their life span. In fact, Chronic Spine Pain is the most common source of pain in the U.S. Facet injections and medial branch blocks are intended to alleviate this pain. In this capacity, they play a key role in a conservative pain management program for lower back and neck pain.

Back pain, the words alone don’t explain enough, what we endure. I have been a sufferer for the past three years and, as it doubtless for many others with back pain, life becomes a living hell

I recalled the days last winter, lying flat on my back, awing if I would ever lead a healthy life again. I couldn’t stand or sit. And in spite of injections and painkillers, steroids, physiotherapy and several other treatments, but nothing could end my pain

The next day, I met with my physiotherapist who suggested me some light stretching exercises and encouragement that it would get better in a couple of weeks. However, after a month the pain didn’t settle and an MRI scan showed up a degenerated disc, with unbearable pain I was recommended to pain management expert Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD at the Pain Management Institute, Chicago Frankfort

Dr  Zaki Anwer after a complete examination and imaging test suggested me facet block injections

Explaining the facet joint Injections

A facet block injection is a comparatively simple, and uncomplicated procedure and is mostly performed in a physician’s office or a surgical center. As with many spinal injections, facet blocks produce best results with fluoroscopy guidance to precisely aim the needle to the targeted point

The procedure

 The injections are usually given without any local anesthesia, however, an IV medication was given to me that ensured comfort to me. I was allowed to lay on the examination table and my skin was cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD injected a numbing medicine in that felt a bit achy for a couple of seconds. Then he infused a very thin needle straight to the facet joints with the help of fluoroscopy and injected a contrasting pigmentation to ensure if the needle has reached the targeted point. Once the needle is confirmed Dr. Zaki with precision injected an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication into the targeted facet joint


Performing facet block injections for a number of 10000 patients, I have observed exceptional pain reduction in approximately 2/3 patients. Says Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD

You may need several injections depending on your pain response. Dr. Zaki Anwer never recommends a patient to a series of injections if your pain has responded to a single injection

 Side Effects

 Side effects are very rare, however, possible complications may include;

  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Large appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal distress