When to get worried about your neck pain?

Neck pain is a very common ailment, it can arise from the strains caused by poor posture, be it the result of leaning over your computer or curling yourself over a workbench. Also osteoarthritis is considered to be the common cause of the neck pain

In some cases the neck can also be an indication of an underlying serious problem. Consult your doctor immediately if your neck pain is followed by numbness or loss of grip in your arms hands or if you have an acute pain in your shoulder spreading down your arm. Your neck pain is followed by the sign and symptoms which might include

  • The pain is usually aggravated by keeping your head in the same place or position for longer time such as while driving or working on a computer
  • Pain is caused by muscles spasms or strain
  • Lack of movement and immobility in your head
  • Headache

The neck is flexible and upholds the weight of the head. Hence it is unprotected from the injuries and the disorders that cause severe pain and reduces mobility. The common causes of the neck pain include;

Muscles spasm

Excessive use of the neck muscles such as spending too many hours on your work station or using smart phone in a bad posture, usually aggravates stress on the neck muscles causing pain, though minor activities such as reading while lying in the bed or grinding your teeth can also stresses the neck muscles

Worn joints

Similar to other joints of your body the neck joints and muscles are inclined to wear and tear with age. As in the case of osteoarthritis the cartilage between the bones gets worse. The body starts forming bone spurs that hinders the joint motion and cause neck pain

Pinched nerve

Disc herniation or bone protrusion in the vertebral column of your neck region can put a potential stress on the nerve network spreading from the spinal cord


Injuries often occur when the head is shocked in reverse and then in forward, tearing the soft tissues of the neck


Syndrome such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis and cancer can cause neck pain.

The most common types of mild to moderate neck pain respond well to self care within two to three weeks. If neck pain continues, other treatments might be recommended by your physician.