What pains in your arm?

If your arm hurts, your initial understanding might be an injury that is causing your arm pain, but in some cases, pain in one part of the body indicates something else. Pain in your arm can be an indication of a joint injury, a pinched nerve or might a problem with the heart

Causes and Symptoms

There are several reasons that cause your arm pain that may include complications from arthritis and other chronic pains, from a slight spasm to a heart disease, we have discussed few possible causes and symptoms;


Bursa is the fluid-filled pocket between the bone and the mobilizing part of the joint. The inflammation of the bursa is called bursitis, the risks are likely to be more in later age, the symptoms may include immobility of the arm, burning or tingling sensation

Fractured or broken bone

A broken or injured bone in your arm or wrist can cause severe pain that gets worse while moving. The symptoms may include swelling and numbness, in some cases these symptoms do not appear

Herniated disks

These discs act as a cushion between your bones in your spinal column, they are the shock absorbers, when these discs become damaged they press the nerves causing pain in your shoulder that travels  down your arm, other symptoms include numbness tingling or burning sensation

Pinched nerve, or cervical radiculopathy

A pinched nerve is when a certain nerve is squeezed or swollen, it can be the damage of herniated disc, the symptoms may be the same as a herniated disc

Rotator cuff tear

Picking up heavy objects and doing repetitive actions may lead to a damaged muscle in your  shoulder’s rotator cuff, it noticeably retards the shoulder by carrying daily tasks. Rotator cuff tears are likely to cause more pain when you lay down on the affected shoulder, it also restricts the range of motion

Sprains and strains

A sprain is caused when a ligament is torn, an arm twist occurs when you get a sudden fall and support yourself with the arms, also if your tendons get over stressed or lift heavy objects with a wrong gesture. The symptoms may include inflammation, feebleness and bruising


Tendons are soft and flexible tissues that links bones and muscles, the tendons get swollen and such disease is called tendinitis, specifically when tendinitis occurs in the shoulder or elbow it results in arm pain

Recommended treatments

Treatments for broken bones may include wearing a cast for several weeks and in severe injury, surgery is required, for sprains and strains treating with ice packs and physical therapy are highly effective