What might be causing me groin pain?

You have been enjoying a vacation and suddenly you feel an annoying pain in your groin spreading into your muscles to bones and in your joint.

What is referred to as the groin?

The groin areas are found in the skin fold areas, on a certain side of the body, where the belly meets the top of the thighs, also the pubic area is found between the groin region

Possible causes of the pelvic,  groin pain

In several cases the excessive use, stress or any sudden injury can cause pelvic, groin pain. Though it is significant to consider a several reasons and possible causes, peculiarly when there has not been any injury

Types of groin injuries

An acute injury, such as a sudden fall, or direct hit, wound with a pointed object or a leg being twisted into an abnormal position.

A pulled or torn groin muscle can occur when lifting or pushing intense objects or during sports or special workout

Repetition of the same activities daily, or excessively doing a particular workout may consequently cause bursitis, tendonitis,  or stress fractures

Other causes may include;

  • Kidney stones; the stones carried out from the kidney from the ureter to the bladder causing pelvic, groin pain, or a bladder infection may also be painful
  • Infection in the pelvis, groin area causes the lymph glands to inflame and enlarged projecting severe groin pain
  • Yeast or ringworm infections and other skin conditions
  • Male genital conditions, including prostate infection, cancers and other related conditions
  • Female pelvic and genital conditions including pelvic inflammatory disease, infections, cysts in the ovaries, ectopic pregnancy, cancer
  • Intestinal conditions involving the inflammation, infection, cancer, spasm and decreased blood flow to the groin area

When to see a doctor with your groin pain?

  • If you have severe and/or sudden pelvic groin pain.
  • If your pelvic, groin pain is not improving, or if it is more persistent
  • If you have a hernia that does not minimize with gentle pressure when lying down.
  • If you feel difficulty or pain while walking, or a limp.
  • If you experience weight loss without any reason
  • If you have night sweats or a fever.
  • If you have noticed a lump or swelling in your genital area
  • If you feel nausea and vomiting.
  • If you have tummy pain, constipation
  • If there is swelling in the area, redness, warmth, pus or tenderness.
  • If you experience difficulty urinating, lower backache or noticed blood in your urine