What Is Percutaneous Discectomy & Why Is it Performed!!

The word percutaneous literally means “through the skin”, depicting that in this procedure a small cut is made in order to remove the herniated disc, left material that was creating problems by pressing against the nerves or the spinal cord. To know why about this process in detail and why this is performed let’s explore some important points related to it.

The Purpose of This Process!

Also known as lumbar (low back) percutaneous discectomy is executed when:

  • The disc is observed to be swollen, showing that the material contained in it has not ruptured into the spinal canal. All this is known with the help of the medical history, the physical exam and the diagnostic tests like MRI, CT scan, myelogram of the patient being treated
  • Your condition has become quite worse such that it has become difficult for you to continue your daily activities
  • Even after weeks of non-surgical treatment if no improvement is observed in pain and in the nerve damage
  • The signs of nerve damage in your leg are becoming worse day by day and the patient is suffering from the symptoms of severe weakness, loss of feeling and loss of coordination

The additional points as to why percutaneous discectomy is performed include:

  • Through a CT scan, pieces of disc material are observed in the spinal canal
  • When the spinal canal has become too narrow depicting the condition of spinal stenosis

What are the Benefits of This Process?

When opting for percutaneous discectomy procedures there are a number of underlying benefits that can be availed such as:

  • With the help of this process, pain is decreased to a greater extent, mobility is increased and the need for traditional surgical interventions is eliminated
  • The procedure is said to be less invasive as it causes less scarring and fibrosis as compared to the issues associated with the traditional processes
  • According to a research it has been observed that 89 percent of people who chose percutaneous discectomy experienced successful outcomes and stated about the procedure’s safety and effectiveness

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