What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & How It Affects The Quality of Life!

Associated with hands, carpal tunnel syndrome is described to be a condition in which a person experiences tingling, numbing sensation in the hands as well as the fingers due to the pressure that is created on the median nerve present in the wrist. These sensations are normally felt during the day and night and affect the thumb, index finger and the middle finger. It is the median nerve that controls the movement of the index finger, middle finger and the thumb.

Now you can imagine that if due to some extensive work, pressure is created on the median nerve then it becomes really problematic to perform the daily tasks that involve the use of hands in them. Likewise house chores like washing clothes, ironing the clothes that demand broad hand movement seem very difficult. Moreover, if you are an office goer then typing might seem a big deal to you.

What Can Be The Cause of CTS?

Pressure is the main factor which is when created on the median nerve causes carpal tunnel syndrome. The origination of the pressure is swelling and the reason of this can be the following issues:

  • Pregancny
  • Illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and hypothyroidism
  • Making the same movements extensively, especially when the wrist is in a bent down condition or when your hands are lower than your wrists
  • In case of injuries to the wrist
  • If you have a family history of carpal tunnel syndrome

What are The Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

The areas where chronic pain is felt the most include:

  • The index finger
  • The thumb
  • The middle finger
  • Half or the ring finger

The other symptoms that confirm the presence of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • The skin of a person might be discolored or it has become swollen or dry
  • Uneasiness in the hand, forearm or upper arm
  • Hypoaesthesia – a condition in which a person becomes less sensitive to touch
  • A feeling of weakness in the hands

Adding to this, if immediate care is not taken then there are chances that the pain spreads from the hand to the forearm and elbow.

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