What choices I have for back pain treatment

Before starting any form of therapy for back pain, it is always recommended to choose an efficiently trained specialist to execute a suitable therapy options for your certain ailment  and prior medical records

The fundamental purpose to treat back pain is to aim for;

Contributing to pain reduction that facilitates patients to actively take part in physical therapy and recovery, avoidance of additional damage and pressure to the vertebral column through enhanced rehabilitation methods and better posture, facilitating the patients to cope with routinely activities and improving mobility

Non invasive therapies for back pain

Several treatments for back pain have been  introduced to a wide range, however, the common treatments can be;

Pain relieving drugs;

Some traditional over the counter drugs that are beneficial for lower back pain include, NSAID,  narcotics, muscle relaxants, steroids. However, there are certain side effects associated with the drugs, additionally the drugs provide a short lived pain relief. The pain medications are taken as per the overall condition of the candidate

Ice therapy

Treating the affected area with ice pack or sometimes a heating pad can help potentially reduce lower back pain, for some candidates these alternative treatments work wonders

Massage therapy

For some patients with lower back pain are treated with massage therapy experience noticeable reduction in pain by enhanced blood circulation,  increasing muscle flexibility and range of motion

Physical therapy

Physical therapy and back pain stretching exercises can strengthen muscle activity improves blood flow resulting in recovery of muscle spasms and pain

Epidural injections

The Epidural injection procedure is safe and minimally invasive procedure with negligible side effects that not only provides instant relief from lower back pain, but also helps in reducing inflammation  for a long time

TENS units

These are electrical devices that interrupts with pain signals and prevents the signals from reaching the brain hence the patient feels no pain

Lifestyle change

Attitude towards lifestyle also contributes a lot in managing back pain, reducing pain, improving posture, sleeping habits, smoking improved activity and stretching exercises


Surgery is recommended if the patient experience no improvement of other traditional non surgical methods, if the cause of your chronic back pain is because of nerve pinching or dislocation of vertebral disc, surgery may be a good option. Surgery has been usually opted for conditions related to spinal structures disorder such as spinal stenosis, herniated disc or spinal fractures that are not well addressed by other therapies