What causes sciatica nerve problems?

Back pain can start with anything and for any reason; however, the most common reason for back pain is old age. Back pain can be a short term which can disappear within a day or two; it can be chronic (long term) pain which lasts for month’s even years if left untreated. Back pain is known with different terms in medical science depends on the causes of the pain. One of the most common back pains is sciatica and it is also more recognizable and identifiable. Sciatica pain causes make the pain more recognizable; however, there are other reasons for the pain to be identified such as how the pain travels and the body parts and muscles it damages. Sciatica pain starts with backbone or spine and goes towards hip, buttock, and leg. The pain mostly affects one part of the lower body.

Symptoms of sciatica

If the pain starts while sitting and you feel numbness in your leg along with back pain, you are surely having sciatica pain. One more symptom of the sciatica pain is that you would feel pain in the rare of the leg, not on the front side. As the pain gets worse, it keeps traveling toward feet. The fact about sciatica pain is that you would feel pain on the places along the sciatica nerve because it is the damage to the sciatica nerve is the sciatica pain cause.

Reason for sciatica pain

Old age is the main reason for the occurrence of sciatica pain and weakness can also cause it. It is a common understanding that irritation and damage in the sciatic nerve cause pain; however, most people do not know that sciatica related to age occurs when the muscles leave the bones. The muscles become softer with age which gives way to the bones of the spine to move on the side. To know whether the pain you are having is sciatica or not, press the area of spine inwards, you would feel soft skin and you would feel that bone is slightly out of place. The sciatic nerve is the longest one and damage to this nerve cause pain anywhere in the lower body.

Types of sciatica pain and treatments

The sciatica pain is divided into two types which are acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain can be treated with home remedies or pain killers. It can also be treated by applying heat to the area which is paining. Cold compression also works for back pain which acute sciatica pain causes.

However, the treatment for chronic sciatica pain is mostly surgery; however, there are non-surgical treatments which are being proved more beneficial for the sciatica pain control than surgery. These treatments are based on regenerative medicines such as PRP treatment and stem cell therapy treatments.