What causes pain after the back pain surgery?

The Failed back surgery syndrome, also known as FBSS is a misnomer and it is not basically a syndrome. The failed back surgery syndrome is a wide term that is usually used to demonstrate the conditions of the patients who doesn’t reap a successful result with back surgery or spine surgery and  have endured chronic pain, even after the surgery

There are several reasons that a back surgery may or may not work,  and even with the best surgeon for the best indication spine surgery is no more than 95 % anticipated for the successful outcome

Causes for the failed back surgery syndrome

Spine surgery is primarily able to accomplish two things

  • Release a pinched nerve root
  • Enhance stability in a painful joint

Unluckily, a back surgery or spine surgery cannot completely eliminate a patient’s pain. It is only done to change the damaged structure, or growth of any lesions that is a potential reason to back pain that needs to be diagnosed prior to  instead or after back surgery or spine surgery

The most common reason for failure of the back surgery and chronic pain, suffering even after the surgery is because of the scar tissue formation upon which the back surgery is carried out and not the cause of pain is addressed

Anticipation of pain after certain back surgery

Certain types of back surgery are anticipated to reduce pain and triggers than others; such as

  • A discectomy or microdiscectomy for a lower spinal disc herniation giving rise to severe pain in the leg is successful operation, while a discectomy for a lumbar disc herniation giving rise to low back pain is less likely to give the potential outcomes
  • A spinal fusion or spinal instability is a successful operation, while a fusion surgery for multiple lower degenerative disc disease is far less known to be successful in alleviating a patient’s pain after surgery

Hence,  the finest way to prevent surgery that produce unsuccessful outcomes is to opt for the procedures that have a high degree of success and make sure that scar tissue formation is acceptable to surgical corrections must be diagnosed preoperatively

Other Causes of FBSS and Continued Pain after Surgery

In addition to the  afore mentioned causes of the failed back surgery syndrome, there are several other significant reasons to failed back surgery syndrome or chronic pain after surgery

  • Fusion surgery considerations
  • Lumbar decompression back surgery considerations
  • Scar tissue considerations
  • Postoperative rehabilitation