What Causes Hip Pain?

The hip joint is one of the largest joints of our body and serves in locomotion as the thigh moves forward and backward. There are a number of muscles and tendons that glide around the hip joint which are serving in motion and any injury to these muscles or tendons will causes you pain. The pain felt in or around the hip joint is called as hip pain.  Hip pain not always felt in the hip itself but may instead be felt in the groin or thigh.

Causes of hip pain:

As hip is such a large joint, there are so many hip pain causes. Most of the time the hip pain cause is very simple like you probably overdone it while exercising which will cause strained or inflamed soft tissues and the pain will be there for few days.

Some common hip pain causes are;

  • Core muscle injury; strain or tear of muscles or other soft tissues in the lower abdomen are included in core muscle injury. This injury is quite common in people who play such sports which involves a lot of extreme twisting and turning.
  • Bursitis; the inflammation of the pillow like fluid sacs (bursae) that keeps tendons and muscles from rubbing directly against bone is known as bursitis. This is one of the hip pain causes which hurts on the outside of your hip, thigh or buttocks.
  • Tendonitis; if your hip groin or hip flexor is tender when you touch or move them, you may have tendonitis. Overusing your tendons creates repeated minor injuries that eventually lead to muscular imbalances in the hip.
  • Hip fractures; fractures are common in older peoples and in those who have osteoporosis. Hip fractures cause sudden and severe hip pain. This is one of the kinds of hip pain causes which will usually require surgery to be corrected.
  • Arthritis; most common cause of long term hip pain is arthritis. Arthritis can cause pain, stiff and tender joints, and also causes difficulty in walking.
  • Hip impingement; high-intensity athletics or intense activities can actually cause the hip bones to fuse in an abnormal shape and limit movement.
  • Pelvic floor issues; if there is an issue with pelvis then it can also count as hip pain cause because pelvic problems packed and jammed and will causes pain in or around your hip.
  • Snapping hip syndrome; most commonly occurs in dancers or athletes. This is characterized by a snapping sound or feeling in the hip. This condition is usually painless, but can cause pain in some cases like while walking.

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