Vertebroplasty – What it is & Why One Would Need It!!

Vertebroplasty is described to be as a surgical procedure that is performed in order to treat compression fractures of the spinal vertebrae. This is done by restoring the strength and height of collapsed bone. Patients who are near to become disable because of chronic that is bringing a stop to their normal functions are the right candidates of vertebroplasty.

What’s the Aim of this Process?

The purpose of vertebroplasty is basically to treat the symptoms and complications that occur as a result of compression fractures of the spine. The reason behind such kind of fractures is often the conditions of osteoporosis or severe spinal injuries.

Once decided to opt for this process, your specialist will perform clinical evaluation and physical examination comprising of various tests such as X-rays, MRI, CT, or isotope bone scans. With the help of this, the specialist is able to locate the exact place of the fracture point.

The main aim of this process is to give mechanical strength to the damaged vertebra by performing an injection of bone cement. Known to be as minimally invasive procedure it is carried out under local anesthesia.

Why one Should Go For Vertebroplasty?

In order to treat a damaged vertebra that is causing pain, further nerve damage, reducing the normal range of motion, vertebroplasty is the best procedure to be opted for. Going through this pain, your doctor will first choose the traditional methods such as muscle relaxants, back braces, physical therapy etc. But if he/she has observed in the patient the below mentioned situations then the perfect advice would be vertebroplasty:

The traditional methods of treating the damaged vertebra have failed and no alleviation in pain has been observed

Facing no benefit at all, the patient’s mobility becomes more limited and the pain becomes prolonged

You should definitely opt for vertebroplasty if the fractured vertebra condition has lead the patient to serious complications such as blood clotting in the legs, breathing issues, emotional or social issues or loss of height

The reason of the fracture is osteoporosis which means that the patient is at a risk of other fractures

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