Treat your chronic pain with sympathetic nerve block

Among many health care experts sympathetic nerve block is considered to be an  effective remedy for governing chronic pain, however,  there are ongoing research to prove the usefulness of the sympathetic nerve blocks. The treatment aims the sympathetic nervous system, an array or nerve network that is spread out of your spinal cord and helps in governing several unintentional body functions that we have no control over and are done without giving direction. These include the flow of blood, digestion of food and sweating

When can a nerve block be used?

A sympathetic nerve block is applicable for the diagnosis and treatment of the pain connected to the  nerve of the sympathetic nervous system. Under the following conditions sympathetic nerve block is helpful

  • Pain of contraction of the blood vessels
  • Complex regional pain syndrome or reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Some types of chronic stomach pain
  • Excessive sweating

Sympathetic nerve block procedure

The painful area defines where you will be treated with a nerve block. Your sympathetic nerves are spread from your spinal cord in a massive network of nerves called ganglions. For instance, if you have pain in the upper part of your body, you will receive a nerve block in your neck area, likely , if you have pain in your lower part of the body a ganglion near the lower part of the spine will receive a sympathetic nerve block

What may happen during a sympathetic block procedure?

  • You have to visit an experienced physician who might have an experience in conducting nerve block
  • The physician will ask you several questions related to your health and the medications you are taking currently, even if they include vitamins and any diet supplements
  • The physician will ask you if you are allergic to anything
  • The procedure is done in fasting, the physician will ask you to fast 6 hours before the treatment
  • The physician will start within a vein channel and observe your basic gesture carefully
  • During the whole procedure the physician will make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable, he will treat you with a local anesthesia
  • Before treating you with the sympathetic nerve block your lower part of the spine or the neck area is made numb
  • X- Ray is done to find the right nerve to be blocked
  • When the right nerve is located, it is blocked by injecting the local anesthesia in the nerve or in rare cases other chemicals are used instead of anesthesia