These Tips will help you Avoid Neck Pain At Work!

Some days when you come back home you feel utter tired with pain in your neck as well as back and also in the shoulder thus compelling you to lie down and rest. This is undoubtedly not because of the number of projects you are working on in a day, it is in fact the way you are sitting, your position at the work place that is somewhat uneasy and leading you to chronic neck pain.

It all comes down to your workplace settings that you must care about first. In order to prevent any chronic symptoms leading to neck pain we have elaborated some tips that are required to be followed.

Here are the Helpful Tips!!

Is Your Vision Set?

You must make sure that your vision is correct towards your screen. If you are sitting such that your vision is unclear or stress is being caused in your eyes then this can directly lead to neck pain.

How Far Away Your Screen Is?

If you are unable to view your screen from a comfortable distance then it will be like moving yourself forward or backward for better screen viewing. And this can bring your body in complete stress. Hence you must make sure you are at a comfortable distance from your screen.

Your Screen’s Height

This is also an important factor in lessening the chances of facing neck pain at work. According to various studies it has been proved that for most of the users the best screen position is about 17-18 degrees that is below the horizontal for better viewing.

Avoid cell phone for Emails

Sometimes people pick up their phones and start looking for the emails or else they are involved in extensive use. This can lead you to acute neck pain, because from viewing the screen while sitting straight for a long time, you start looking down in your mobile which causes stress at your back.

Therefore, it is recommended that you minimize the usage of cell phones while you are working.

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