The Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Tips for Prevention!!

Most of the time, when we ignore a minor injury that must have happened as a result of some accident or due to some extensive work, we start experiencing chronic pain that is quite unbearable and eventually has great impact on our physical activity as well as on our daily routine. This condition finds its way towards the complex regional pain syndrome, which is defined to be as a condition of sprain or strain that result because of an acute injury.

According to an estimate, 80,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with CPRS every year. It becomes a lesson for those who ignore their injuries thinking that the pain is not a big deal and will go away after resting the whole day.

With CPRS, How Does It Feel?

As a result of complex regional pain syndrome, people tend to experience:

Pain that is described to be as burning, stabbing, grinding, throbbing; moreover it usually exceeds this limit if proper care is not provided at the right time.

The Basic Symptoms Confirming CPRS!

If you have already taken the medications for the acute pain and still there is no improvement then check for the below symptoms:

  • You might have become quite sensitive to touch; the routinely chores such as wearing clothes, bathing etc have become difficult for you
  • The limb that suffered an injury is appearing to have a different color than the rest
  • Tissues and joints have started swelling
  • The hairs and nails also start to change their appearance and color slowly and gradually

How is the Condition Prevented!

If you are well aware of the above mentioned symptoms then you must also know about the preventive measures of complex regional pain syndrome:


In such a situation when you know that your limb is affected and you might be suffering from complex regional pain syndrome, then the best tip is to keep yourself in continuous movement. Especially the part of the body that is affected as this you will be able to prevent the contractures.

Relaxation Exercise

Approach a well qualified physical therapist that will tell you how to relax your body as well as your nervous system

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