The Most Probable Injuries Leading To Chronic Hip Pain!

Sometimes we self assume the cause of pain and try going for the medications in the same manner. Doing this at times the pain is alleviated but this is only for temporary period. Here lies the problem that one should be well aware of the reason causing hip pain. Without knowing and self assuming the cause, one would have to suffer from a worse situation.

Think from a broader perspective that perhaps the chronic pain that you are facing is because of the injury that occurred after an accident or because of extensive movement or lifting of heavy objects. Here we have elaborated some injuries that one must know about and can be the reason of acute hip pain.

Hamstring Injuries

This type of injury is associated with the back of the leg and becomes worse when the knees are brought in movement. Moreover, in case the injury is in the upper part of the leg then the pain is experienced in the hip also. An injury to the hamstrings means that the fibers within the muscles are torn.

Groin Tears

A groin gets pulled when the muscles that pull the legs together that are the hip adductors become strained. To the thighbones, these muscles are attached and provide complete stabilization to the hip joint. In case of over stretching or overuse, small tears arise that result in chronic hip pain and dull ache in the groin area. The pulling of groin involves the same treatment as that of other pulled muscles. Adding to this, anti-inflammatory medications such as acetaminophen can be used that will in hip pain alleviation.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis is defined to be as the small muscle that is present from the sacrum to the outside of the hip. In case the muscle gets inflamed or overused, certain pressure is felt on the sciatic nerve leading to acute hip pain.

Hip Bursitis

Bursae are described as the fluid filled sacs that help in the lubrication between joints and other structures. The bursa is responsible for the smooth movement of the hip. Because of overuse or repetitive motion there arise the chances that the sac gets inflamed landing a person into debilitating hip pain.

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