The hip is a ball and socket joint that attaches the leg to the torso of the body. The hip joint can withstand repeated motion and a fair amount of wear and tear. This ball and socket joint; the body’s largest fits together in a way that allows for fluid movement. While many causes of hip pain can arise from the joint itself, there are numerous structures surrounding the hip that can also be the source of pain.

Common causes of pain

Hip pain is a condition that can be caused by a variety of issues. Knowing where your pain is coming from can give you clues to its cause. If you’re experiencing pain on the inside of your hip then is probably due to the hip joint. If you have an issue with the muscle or other soft tissues around your hip joint then you can feel pain on the outside of your hip, the upper thigh and your outer buttocks. Common causes of hip pain are arthritis. Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and it’s the most common cause of hip pain especially in adults. Arthritis leads to the inflammation of the hip joint and the breakdown of the cartilage that cushions your hip bones. In this way it causes hip pain. Strained muscles can also be the cause of hip pain. Repeated activities can put strain on muscles. When they become inflamed due to overuse, they can cause pain and prevent the hip from working normally. Inguinal hernia can also be the cause of hip pain.  It occurs in the abdomen near the groin area of the hip and causes pain. Osteoporosis can also be the reason of hip pain especially in women. It can occur at any age but it is more common in older age. Osteomyelitis; a bone infection can result when bacteria or fungi invade a bone. In adults, they usually appear in the hips, spine, and feet and causes pain and swelling. Toxic synovitis is a temporary condition that causes hip pain in children. The pain might flare up when your child gets up after sitting or lying down for a long time.

How to treat the pain?

Basic hip pain treatments for all type of pain include rest; one should avoid doing things which put lot of pressure on hip. Some pain-relieving medications can help reduce inflammation that might be causing or aggravating your hip pain. We can also use hot and cold packs as pain treatment. If your hip pain doesn’t improve with simple medications or home treatments then you should concern to a doctor .They may recommended the treatments including drugs, Physiotherapy, Occasional therapy, Steroid injections and if your pain is severe then you can go for a surgery. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be used to relief pain. If you think your work or certain activities might be the main cause of your pain then you can concern to occasional therapist. They’ll be able to give you advice on how to change your movements to help prevent pain continuing or returning. If your pain has been caused by inflammation in or around your hip then you can opt for steroid injections.

There are many causes of hip pain so you can opt from many treatments; depending on the region of pain and severity of pain.

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