Staying Informed About The Most Common Causes Leading To Hip Pain!

The main factors that bring about the chronic hip pain in an individual can be wear and tear and the overuse of muscles with the passage of time. Furthermore, it has been observed that as compared to men, women tend to experience hip pain greatly considering the numerous amounts of chores and hectic schedule they have to go through.

In order to have a complete history before going to a pain management specialist, one must be well aware of the underlying causes that might have lead to the acute pain.

Here Are the Most Common Causes

Most people think that it is because of their extensive tasks that they have to face the pain and probably some rest might be enough to alleviate it efficiently. But who knows the below mentioned causes might be the reason of hip pain:

Hip Fractures

This is a condition that is mostly common in older women, who are suffering from osteoporosis. The signs that confirm about a hip fracture include difficulty in strengthening, lifting or standing on your leg.


With the passage of time the joints in women become inflamed paving way for the osteoarthritis problem. Once the ball and socket joint start to wear out, stiffness arises in the muscles thus giving rise to chronic hip pain.

Tendinitis & Arthritis

Tendons are basically said as the medium that provide connection between hip and the muscle joints. In case of overuse, these tendons become inflamed making it difficult for the person to take part in any strenuous activity.

Back Issues

Not all the time the hip pain is because of arthritis, bursitis or tendinitis, there can be some other issues as well belonging to one’ body. For, say if someone is experiencing back and spine pain then there are chances of the pain being felt around the buttocks and hips.


Pregnant women are susceptible to hip pain reason being the inguinal hernias as a result of the pressure on the wall of the abdomen.

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