Spinal cord stimulation therapy, the best answer to chronic pain


Searching for an effective solution for chronic pain specifically, back pain and neck pain can be confronting, when surgery and other therapies have not been successful, or can not be opted, so spinal cord stimulation therapy may be best in providing relief and improved daily activities

The medical research has shown that the spinal cord stimulation is conceivably effective for a number of chronic pains such as back pain, neck pain and complex regional pain syndrome that cannot be addressed by other treatments


Spinal cord stimulation is also called nuerostimulation, in the process of spinal cord stimulation mild electric pulses are directed to intermeddle with the pain messages given by the sensory nerves touching the brain. A small device is inserted near the spinal cord produces these vibrations. The device inserted in the spinal cord stimulation process resembles to a cardiac pacemaker, and due to the similarity the device is sometimes called a pain pacemaker


Spinal cord stimulation has been used for decades, and is recommended for the rapidly growing number of conditions including, failed back surgery syndrome, cervical and lumbar radiculitis, neuropathy and complex regional pain syndrome

Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy Is Reversible

As the other surgical process spinal cord stimulation therapy is changeable, if an individual decides at any time to abandon the treatment, all the electrical contacts, wires and devices can be taken out and there are no such alterations to the spine

Other benefits of spinal cord stimulation include

Adjustable pain relief

The pain can vary from person to person at different times. There are a number of options for the painful adjustment in the hand controllable device, moreover some models of spinal cord stimulation devices adjust automatically according to the changing needs

Minimally invasive procedures.

The procedure is less invasive as only one small cut is needed to implant the device and the smaller devices do not need a time taking invasion. The leads with theĀ  electrodes are done with a hollow needle instead of incisions, it has fewer side effects and can be easily changeable

Reduced opioid use

The pain relief by spinal cord stimulation can be helpful in allowing individuals to take less medications

Targeted pain relief

To avoid the undesirable consequences of the medicines that causes, constipation, sleep disturbance and other problems, spinal cord stimulation deliver targeted pain relief

Limited side effects

The treatment is not accompanied by any of the potential side effects as compared to other medications