Some common reasons for hip pain in feminines

Does your hip cause you trouble? Likely to other types of chronic pain, women inclined to experience it more than men. Since hip pain can have a number of different causes, diagnosing the actual cause is the first step to planning the most appropriate treatment

The diagnosis; is it really your hip?

When you discuss with your physician that your hip hurts. The first thing is he or she will confirm if your hip is actually the problem. Most of the women mix the hip pain with the pain in the upper thigh and upper buttock or they may be suffering lower back pain says Dr Zaki Anwar, MD, Pain Management Specialist and Anesthesiologist and the Founder of the Pain Management Institute. Hip pain is usually felt in the groin area or directly on the hip where the ball and the socket joint is settled. He explained Causes of hip pain in women

When a female patient comes to Dr. Zaki Anwar . MD, reporting about the hip pain, he first considers the patient’s age,  built,  the level of daily activities. “If the patient is a thin 20-year-old runner or a heavy, sedentary 80-year-old grandmother, “the possibilities at the top of my list will be different,” He says.


Chronic hip pain in women is sometimes because of arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis. The normal wear and tear influence many people as they age. The ball and socket joint starts to deplete and arthritis pain is usually felt in the thigh or in the groin region because of immobility and swelling in the joint

Hip fractures

These hip fractures are very common among the elderly, women, due to declining bone density. Triggers of hip fracture include pain when you straighten, lift or put weight on your leg while standing.

Tendinitis and bursitis

The hip joint is connected with a number of muscles to the joint. These tendons and muscles become easily damaged giving rise to tendinitis at the hip joint, particularly in the runners. It becomes inflamed when you overuse them or take part in any strenuous activity

Another very common cause of hip pain that influence more on women is bursitis. The fluid filled sacs called the bursae protects the bony part of the hip that is near to the surface. Similar to tendons these sacs become inflamed from irritation and give rise to pain on every movement in the hip joint


In the groin area sometimes the sports hernia can cause frontal hip pain in the women. Pregnant women are more prone hernias due to excessive weight in their lower abdomen