Shoulder pain: what to do

Shoulder pain is already very common; however, the ratio of the individual with shoulder pain complains is growing all around the globe. Every year, more people especially older than 45, complain about having shoulder pain. However, it has been found out from the researches are surveyed the shoulder pain cause in more than half of the individual is rotator cuff damage. The rotator cuff damages when individuals more their shoulders or arms in a weird way or rotate it too much. The rotator cuff can be very strong; however, it is also more prone to damage than other parts of the arms and shoulder.

Neck joints are also known as shoulder pain causes. The neck joints which cause shoulder pain are known as glenohumeral joint and acromioclavicular joint. There are many soft tissues located around the shoulder girdle which can damage easily and result in shoulder pain cause.

Main causes of shoulder pain

The most common reason for shoulder pain and much other joint pain for that matter is a weakness which comes with lack of proper food or old age. However, there are other reasons for shoulder pain. A shoulder injury can result in chronic shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can be very severe in case of frozen shoulder. At least 2% of the patients feel moderate to severe pain which results from frozen shoulder. There are diseases like impingement syndrome which are known to cause shoulder pain.  

Symptoms of shoulder pain

The pain is the actual symptom of the shoulder pain; however, numbness is also being taken as shoulder pain. In this situation, numbness mostly results in severe shoulder pain. The patients who have frozen shoulder cannot move their shoulders upward. They would have very severe pain whenever they would try to move their arms in an upward direction. Lack of mobility is a symptom of the damage cuff rotator. In this condition, patients cannot move their arms in any direction and they have severe pain whenever they try to do so. Damage to the rotators cuff is very common in athletes like baseball player and cricketers because their daily activities put pressure more on their shoulder rotator cuff which makes it more prone to damage and causes pain. Elbow pain and arm pain also leads to shoulder pain. One fact about the shoulder pain and forms of joint pain is that women are more prone than men.


The basic way of treating shoulder pain is pain medication. Heating and cooling compression also work to reduce the pain and the swelling, but not one of these treatments provide long term relief from the pain. If you are looking for long term relief from the pain, you should go for non-surgical treatments. Zaki Anwar MD is offering advanced treatment in the form of stem cell therapy. This therapy is based on stem cells. There are machines to extract cells from the healthy part of the body and inject them into damaged part to cure the tissues.

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