Shedding Light Upon The Working & Conditions Treated With Intercostal Nerve Block!

Are you suffering from the kind of pain that has received no benefit to the oral medications? Choose intercostals nerve blocks, being minimally invasive, non surgical treatment that will assist in the diagnosis of constant chest pain, abdominal pain etc. This pain management technique is also said to provide therapeutic relief that originates from the nerves. This is done by reducing the pain signals because of which chronic pain occurs.

Other conditions in which intercostal nerve block is utilized is said to be after chest wall surgery, chest wall trauma, pain that occurs after thoracic surgery, persistent pain after abdominal surgery.

Let’s Understand How the Process Goes On!

Intercostal Nerve block is performed with the help of x-ray guidance or ultrasound:

  • For the process you will be asked to lie on your stomach
  • The mid and lower back will be cleansed with the help of anesthesia after which a sterile drape is placed
  • With numbing medicine your skin will be anesthetized
  • The placement of the needle is guided with the help of bony landmarks that are visible through x-ray. The targeted place where the needle is to be placed is exactly below the rib.
  • In order to block the signals from reaching towards the brain anesthesia and steroid is administered close to the nerve
  • The cortisones that are applied, are greatly helpful in providing the anti-inflammatory factor and treating those nerves that have become inflamed and irritated

What Conditions Are Treated With Intercostal Nerve Block

The conditions which give rise to nerve compression, inflammation and also give rise to chest wall pain include:

  • Pain as a result of rib fracture, shingles (herpes zoster) or post herpetic neuralgia
  • Pain that is experienced by patients once they opt for chest wall surgeries or other related procedures
  • Acute non-malignant pain
  • Pain involving the chest wall resulting from malignancies

Other indications That Qualify for Intercostal nerve block include:

  • Rib fractures
  • Cancer pain
  • Scar related pain
  • Post mastectomy pain
  • Neuropathic chest and upper abdominal pain

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