Shedding Light Upon the Causes of Left Arm Pain!

Normally when people experience left arm pain, they are worried as to what might be the reason or in most of the cases their mind is diverted towards pain related to the heart. And most of the times they are right as well with their fears and troubles. The most important thing is to be well aware about the intensity of the pain and the cause of it, because not knowing about the pain can make it worse.

What can be the Causes!

There can be different causes of left arm pain, ranging from sore muscles, due to lifting some heavy objects, extensive work to the pain related to your heart. The most predictable and known causes of chronic arm pain are described as below:


An issue about which you are disturbed since many days can bring you in stress greatly and that if exceeds can often lead to the signs of sweating, heart palpitations, left arm pain most probably leading to a heart attack.

Bad Circulation

The patient’s condition may result in bad circulation if he/she is facing some physical trauma, vitamin deficiency, improper sleeping. And these if not taken care of can bring the patient in a quite painful situation.


This is said to be as the most probable cause of left arm pain. It is described as a situation in which the chest is at discomfort and the person going through this might be feeling heaviness, burning, pressure, squeezing and pain. It usually happens that the pain originates from the chest and radiates towards the left arm making it difficult to even perform the routinely chores.

Physical injury

On a lighter note, not every time the left arm pain can be because of some discomfort in the chest. There can also be the reason of your left arm’s extensive usage in some physical activity. In other cases the person might have been struck by some physical injury that must have become the reason of the arm’s soreness.

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