Radiofrequency Lesioning

Radiofrequency Lesioning


It is a procedure, in which a specific section of a nerve tissue is heated to halt the pain signals for a long lasting period.

How is it performed?

In the procedure, special needles are used to create lesions along selected nerves. These needles help in the heating process. When the heat is applied to the nerve for 2 to 3 minutes, the pain signals are interrupted and thus they stop carrying the pain signals.

Who are the candidates?

Patients who are suffering from neck or back pain due to facet joint disease, occipital neuralgia or other pains from irritated nerves are eligible for Radiofrequency Lesioning Treatment. But it must be noted that those who might have had an infection or have been responsive to local anesthesia should not go for this treatment.

How long it takes?

The entire procedure takes 20 to 120 minutes.


After the procedure, patients are able to return back to their normal routine in 24-48 hours. Except for the soreness at the site or at lower back exists which lasts up to a week.


Depending on the pain, and the duration in which the pain returns whether in months or in years, the procedure will be repeated.

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