Racz Epidural Neurolysis; Infusion Therapy To Resolve Sciatica And Chronic Back Pain

RACZ epidural neurolysis is an injection procedure most often used to treat leg and back pain caused by scar tissue results from a prior surgery. This scar tissue is responsible to press upon spinal nerves and send radiating pain through the legs, as well as debilitating pain in the lower back.

RACZ epidural neurolysis can help people with pain symptoms of sciatic nerve, herniated disc, sciatica, inflammation in the spine and root compression.

The RACZ Epidural Neurolysis procedure

RACZ epidural neurolysis is usually performed as a procedure under local anesthesia, with the patient lying face down.

  • The anesthesia used to numbs the skin and deeper tissue so that the procedure will be painless.
  • With the aid of a probe, a tube is guided into the epidural space and on to the site of the pain, without the patient feeling any discomfort.
  • A mixture of anaesthetizing and anti-inflammatory medicines is injected into this space. This provides pain relief, gentle sedation, reduces swelling and relieves painful pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • A natural enzyme present in the solution dissolves painful scar tissue and agglutinations around the spine.
  • The surgeon monitors the exact location of the probe via X-ray control throughout the operation.

The whole procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes. According to treatment protocol, it is necessary to repeat the injection 4 times within 2 days. The catheter may be kept in place during that time. If more scar tissue needs to be dissolved then the injection will be repeated after a few months.

How Does a Racz epidural neurolysis works?

A RACZ epidural neurolysis involves injecting medication into the area around spinal nerves to eliminate chronic back pain. As significant scarring is present, a catheter is often implanted to allow targeted access to affected areas. Injections deliver cortisone to the epidural space which in turn reduces pain over time. Unlike other surgical options, this procedure will also dissolve tissue scarring.


The RACZ epidural neurolysis is a surgical procedure that completely avoids soft tissue trauma. It uses the natural openings in the spine to access the epidural space. As a result it is the least invasive form of l pain therapy surgery available. This treatment is extremely helpful after poor results from micro-surgical treatment. RACZ epidural neurolysis removes scar tissue by local application of a scar dissolving enzyme to the affected nerve root.

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