Percutaneous Discectomy, ease from Herniated disc pain

General overview

Percutaneous means, by way of the skin, or by the means of very small incision. Percutaneous discectomy is a minimally invasive surgery to get rid of herniated disc matter that stresses on the nerve root or on the vertebral column

Percutaneous Discectomy can be done in several methods, however in all the methods small instruments that are fused between the vertebral column and then in the middle of the disc, an advance practice of percutaneous discectomy, which is applicable to date is the use of plasma technology to eliminate tissues from the middle of the herniated disc

How the procedure is performed

During the process an equipment is infused through the needle into the middle of the disc where a  sequence of  means is created to remove the tissues from the nucleus, the removal of the tissues from the nucleus acts to uncompress the herniated disc and reduces the pressure put by the disc on the surrounding nerves, the pain is relieved once the tissues are removed, there might be a minimal pain, recovery is relatively rapid. The procedure is done in the surgery centers with local anesthesia

X-Ray guidance is taken to monitor the movement of the equipment during the whole procedure, the tissues are removed by

  • Cutting it out
  • Sucking out the center of the disc.
  • Using lasers to burn or destroy the disc.

What To Expect After Surgery

You can go home soon after the procedure, for pain oral medicines can be taken or as prescribed by the physician, however you must for several weeks avoid intense workouts and avoid lifting heavy objects, longer sitting and bending

Why It Is Done

The percutaneous discectomy is done if;

  • Your medical examination and physical test prove that the disc is bulging and matter inside the disc has not split into the spinal canal
  • Non surgical treatments were not benefiting from 4 weeks for relieving pain and nerve damage
  • Your pain and symptoms are creating hurdles in your daily activities
  • Severe symptoms of nerve damage in your legs are observed, along with numbness, weakness, lack of mobility


As there are risks attached to the surgery percutaneous discectomy also brings some risks, during the procedure the surgeon has no means of  observing the herniated disc or the pinched nerve hence in some cases the surgery might not remove the tissues, so there is no guarantee that the stress on the nerves might improve also the anesthesia brings some risks