Pelvic Pain

Before deeming your pelvic condition as chronic pelvic pain, be sure to get other treatable causes ruled out by consulting your general physician, gynecologist or urologist.

The following conditions must be ruled out beforehand:

  • endometriosis
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • gynecologic disorders
  • ligament injury
  • ovarian processes 
  • prostatitis
  • renal colic
  • scar tissue from radiation or surgery
  • testicular disorders
  • urinary bladder processes
  • urologic disorders

Other pain conditions which may resemble chronic pelvic pain include:

  • abdominal wall myofascial pain
  • peripheral nerve neuritis of nerves in the pelvic region

Pain management specialists rule this out by performing diagnostic nerve blocks of genitofemoral nerve, iliohypogastric nerve, inlioinguinal nerve and pudendal nerve to find out if any of these nerves or their combination is causing the pain. Nerve blocks are also effectively used by pain management experts to address the pain by blocking a , specific clusters of nerves.

In men, Prostatitis (prostate infection/inflammation) is a cause of pain in the pelvis. It can develop at any age and is completely treatable.


  • burning during urination
  • painful intercourse
  • an electric-like burning pain felt during activity or rest

 Pelvic/Rectal Pain

Rectal pain can occur at any age in both men and women and is treatable. It can be acute as well as chronic.

Interstitial Cystitis

This bladder condition chiefly occurs in women. IC can be successfully treated by pain management specialists.

Pelvic Fracture

Pelvic fractures mostly occur in the elderly due to slip and fall injury. However the most noteworthy fractures occur due to high-energy forces that like:

  • motor vehicle accident
  • fall from a considerable height
  • cycling accident

Getting vitamin D supplements regularly can prevent pelvic fractures. Fractures are treated with the help of surgery and rehabilitation.

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