Neck Pain

The neck i.e. cervical spine is made up of vertebrae that extend from the skull to the upper torso. The cervical disks absorb shock between the bones. The bones, ligaments and muscles of the neck help in supporting the head and allow in motion. Any abnormalities, inflammation or injury can cause neck pain or stiffness.

Having pain in the neck can be a significant source of discomfort for many patients. The reason that leads to neck pain especially in the cervical region may be multi-factorial and relate to muscle, nerve, bone, joint, and arthritic or disk problems.

The Main causes of Neck Pain

Following are the main reason that triggers a neck pain:

  • An activity that harms the neck, such as
  • While working, reading, watching TV, or talking on the telephone, if you are holding your head in a forward or odd position for long periods of time then you will feel a severe pain in the neck.
  • If you are sleeping on a pillow that is too high or too flat that doesn’t support your neck or if you are sleeping on your stomach with your neck twisted or bent then also you will fall prey to neck pain.
  • Resting your head on your upright fist or arm for a long period.
  • Work or exercise that uses the upper body and arm, such as painting a ceiling or other overhead work.
  • An injury, for example,
  • Whiplash in a car accident.
  • Falling from significant heights
  • Direct blows to the face, back or top of your head.
  • Sport-related accidents
  • Any other medical condition that can arise sprain in the neck and spine.