Back Pain

Back pain is the most common problem that affects most people at some point in their life. It is usually triggered by bad posture while sitting, standing, bending awkwardly, repetitive movements, sitting at a desk all day or heavy lifting. When back pain is experienced at a work place, be it an office or construction job site, the eruption of pain can range from relatively mild sprains to serious and traumatic herniated discs. And this will ultimately result in lifelong changes that can massively affect the quality of life.

Job becomes a nightmare once you are going through this pain. Because all the time you will be experiencing dull, achy, sharp or stabbing pains at the back. It doesn’t matter how much new tasks you are asked to do, even the routine office work can worsen your back pain.

What are the main causes of back pain?

The following factors highly contribute to back pain at work:

Force: back injury will arise if you exert too much force on your back while doing any kind of work such as lifting or moving heavy objects.

Repetition: you will land yourself to muscle fatigue or injury if you keep on repeating certain movements, or you sit in same kind of postures for hours.

Posture: Your sitting posture should be perfect and comfortable. As, slouching all the time will exaggerate your back’s natural curves which can lead to muscle fatigue and injury.

Apart from this, certain medical conditions can also lead to back pain. These are obesity, sleeping position, poor physical condition, smoking and stress.

Some of the steps that can be adopted for avoiding back pain at work are:

  • Include Physical activity in daily routine
  • Pay attention to posture
  • Lift properly
  • Modify repetitive tasks
  • Listen to your body

Hence you must pay strict attention to your work environment and address situations that might aggravate your back pain.