Neck pain has become one of the rising ailment among young individuals

We often refer to a minor disturbance in life as the pain in the neck, but anyone suffering neck pain tells that it’s far more than minor annoyance and much more painful and debilitating than any other

In recent days, one third of us suffer from chronic neck pain and this estimate is expected to increase as computer work, exposure to cell phones and the innumerable other gadgets we use forces us to stretch our necks for each day like never before and we will be in the world of hurt

Previously neck pain has been an elder person’s complaint, but now clinics are reporting a rise in younger patients with neck complains. According to The Pain Management Institute, “ The effect of poor posture during tablet computers and the smart phone era is having on children and teenagers is an increasing health problems and one that more parents need to be aware of and try to manage”

As many cases of neck pain are associated with  poor posture, it is difficult to distinguish the pain. Pain Management Specialist and anesthesiologist Zaki Anwar, MD of the Pain Management Institute states that” People may come with shoulder pain while they really have a neck problem. The informing system of the body and patients can be so unreliable that neck pain and shoulder pain are often overlapped. Additionally the neck pain has a strong connection with headaches too”

Causes of neck pain

With many of us gazing into our screens of work stations or staring down at our smart phones the whole day, it’s nothing to get surprise that 20 percent among us report neck pain within the past three months

Poor posture: 

Nowadays, poor posture is called text neck because so many of us spend hours looking down at our devices. A recent survey shows that 80% of us between the age of 18 and 44 use their cell phone constantly without knowing that looking down at your cell phone can cause unavoidable consequences. Because of poor posture the neck muscles harden into thick bands, cause fatigue, spasm and chronic pain along the ridge of the shoulder blades and neck

Soft tissue injury/Trauma:

Muscles, tendons and ligaments in the neck area are prone to injury from whiplash and other impact injuries. These injuries become severe and are expected to become chronic

Degenerative diseases

Joint inflammation is painful and restrict movements and flexibility, however, it’s important to take advantage of an exercise as medicine for arthritis and degenerative disc condition

Other causes include:

Pinched nerves, fracture and underlying medical conditions

Recommended treatments for neck pain

RICE, Cervical traction,  Light Therapy, Neck Pain Exercises