Migraine: do not know what to do

Have your headache has made you sensitive to light; there is a fat chance that you are dealing with a migraine. The longer period of time for which migraine stays is a week depends on the intensity of the pain, however, a large number of migraine patients state that they feel intense pain on the first and second day of the attack and the intensity of pain reduces on the third day and following days. There is no properly identified and defined cause for migraine and for years there was no proper Headache pain treatment for this disease. There are some activities, habits or situations which can trig the pain. Women are more prone to this kind of headache than men. There is an American Migraine Foundation which is working to identify the reasons and causes of this disease and is trying to find out this Headache pain treatment. As per the survey conducted by the foundation, there are at least 36 million people in America who complain about this disease. One fact which is unheard about migraine and even most of the patients would not about it is that the problem disappears on its own after the person crosses 50.

What it migraine

The migraine attack starts with the activation of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve activates because of the overactive nerve cells. These cells release a chemical which causes a sensation in the face and head of the patient and causes pain. These chemicals cause swelling and inflammation and cause pain. Some patients of migraine complain about both side headache which starts because of too much pain, however, there are those patients who complain about one side headache. The patients who have one side headache complain about sensitivity to sound as well as noise. Migraines mainly start in the mornings, however, in some rare cases the pain starts any time of the day. There are patients of migraine who complain about blurred vision as well. Most people get pain medication to get relieved from the pain, however, once the pain starts, it goes away only on its own time not before. Loss of vision and sensory problems are rare in this medical condition and state that there is a need to visit doctors for proper headache pain treatment

How to treat migraine

Before the headache pain treatment, doctors mostly look through the history of the patient family and the people who have had this pain. Doctors also evaluate the symptoms which the patient describes and which are common in the family as well. The basic examination process which doctors recommend is an MRI and CT scan. The purpose of these medical labs tests is to evaluate, if or not the reason for the pain is tumor or infections. In the case of no infection and tumor, doctors suggest preventing and relieving medicines. Doctors treat migraine with Dihydroergotamines, Anti-nausea drugs, Triptans, and Opioid medications.

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