Disc Herniation Causes

It occurs due to  pain in the back which you may face after an injury at workplace. It is also caused by car accident. Herniated disc means to be the disc which changes its natural position after you come across car accident or work related physical injury. It’s a kind of a shock absorber among the vertebrae of your spine. You feel pain because of the compression of spinal nerves which is nearer to spinal discs.

Who can be the victims of disc herniation?

Injuries of herniated disc damage anyone’s life. Elderly people are at high risks of getting herniation disc injury.  In the elderly people strength of spinal discs decreases day by day and it also becomes stiff. The workers of some specific professions have higher risks of getting herniation disc injury.

Following are the workers of those specific fields

  • Firefighters
  • Hospital workers
  • Construction workers
  • Oil and gas field workers
  • Good lifting workers in factories

Disc Herniation Causes

First and most important thing you must know with which disc herniation is directly linked is your elderly age. There is specific liquid in your spinal cord which gets finished to some extent as you start ageing. In the elderly people spinal disc loses its flexibility which leads to disc herniation

Causes of back pain leading to disc herniation
  • Fracture in bones
  • Damaged nerves in spine
  • Being injured after the fall of a heavy object.
  • Injuries by oil spilled surface
  • An injury caused by car accident

Merits of worker’s compensation

Physical injury at work place is the injury which does not only damage your life but also your family’s life. The workers at work place should have the information about worker’s compensation. If you leave your work related injury untreated then it may causes you disc herniation. That is why you must have proper guidance of getting worker’s compensation. You must remember that this benefit will not only help you to recover from injury but also facilitate your family too. So, you need assistance for that.