Make Yourself Aware About Epidural Steroid Injections!

In case you are feeling chronic pain in your back and leg, most probably in the form of sciatica such that, it has become quite troublesome for you to continue your routinely tasks or even perform the usual ones with utmost enthusiasm and power. You are slowly and gradually making yourself lose the strength even to perform the smaller and lighter tasks of the day.

For the relief of such pain, epidural steroid injections are recommended as they would help treat the swelling and inflammation efficiently and improve the uneasy of constant pain to a greater extent.

An epidural steroid injection is defined to be as a combination of corticosteroid with local anaesthesia that helps in providing pain relief by taking pressure off the nerves and the soft tissues which would in turn relieve swelling and inflammation. Around the space of the spinal cord and nerve roots the ESI injection is performed.

For Which Purpose it is Used!

For the acute pain when people have tried numerous other non–surgical treatments and have failed, then they must opt for epidural steroid injections that would provide greater relief to their leg pain as well as the condition of lumbar spinal stenosis.

The corticosteroids that are present in epidural steroid injections provide efficient relief from leg pain by alleviating swelling and inflammation. With local anaesthesia only the inflammation is reduced but with corticosteroid not only the inflammation is reduced but also the pain is relieved greatly.

What is the Success Rate From this Process!

Approximately 50 percent of the patients can be said to be as happy patients who came out with flying colours after opting the treatment of epidural steroid injections. Albeit, there are some effects of the injection but that are only temporary. The main thing about this procedure is that it is greatly beneficial for the ones suffering from the chronic episodes if back pain and leg pain. This treatment, gives patients the margin to progress greatly in their rehabilitation.

Adding to this, the injections are also marked beneficial for the treatment linked with conditions such as spinal stenosis, disc herniation or degenerative disc disease.

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