Learn about failed back surgery syndrome

There have been remarkable improvements and advancements in the field of science which have not only helped the patients but have proved beneficial for the doctors and medical specialists to provide quality treatment to the patients. Most of the doctors used to suggest surgeries in case of severe back injuries. However the rate of recovery in these types of backbone injuries has been limited and in some cases, the surgeries have been a complete failure as well. The failed back surgery syndrome is the term which is being described to explain the suboptimal outcomes of the surgery.

Some basic facts

This syndrome does not mean a complete failure of the surgery; it explains the aftereffects of the surgery such as constant back pain, depression, or only short term outcomes. The failed back surgery reduces the quality of life of the patients and prevents them from being part of daily activities. At least more than 80,000 individuals suffer from failed backbone surgery syndrome. The worst thing about the backbone surgical treatment is that the rate of success of the treatment is decreasing with each surgery.

Reasons for the failure of backbone surgery

Reason for the failure of back surgery is various and different. In most cases, doctors do not select proper treatments for their patients which lead to failure of the surgery. Patients start getting more expectations from the surgery than they should which also because failed back surgery syndrome. The ratio of the failed surgery syndrome has been estimated from 20 to 40% only; however, the actual ratio of such cases can be greater than that.

Alternative treatments

With time lack of proper treatments are becoming a challenge for the medical authorities. It has become a multidisciplinary approach in the field of science that patient may not get proper results from the surgical treatment, however, doctors so far have been able to provide relief from the pain with the help of anticonvulsant medications but even these medications do not provide long term relief. The backbone surgery was being considered the end stage of the treatment for back pain with no effect or no further solution, but the current era is about developments and one major development in the field of science is PRP treatment. The surgical solution of the back pain in some cases leads to even greater pain and irritation and make it harder for the patient to with the daily life activities. The PRP treatments are now being used to cure the failed back surgery and to provide lifelong relief to the patients. The PRP treatment is based on regenerative injections which reactivate the tissues and replace dead cells of the damaged body part. The treatment impacts positively on the healing power of the tissues and even increase the power more than the natural power which results in fast recovery. The success rate of PRP therapy to cure failed back pain surgery has been measured to be 71%.

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