Know the causes of your hip pain

The hip joint is formed to combat frequent movements and a generous amount of wear and tear. The joint is commonly called ball and socket joint and considered to be the body’s largest joint and is fixed together in a way that allows fluid movement

Whenever you do any activity using the hip joint, a soft pillow of cartilages protects the hip bone from friction and allows a smooth  movement

Regardless of the persistence of the hip bone with descending age and usage the cartilage can be weakened and become injured. The muscles and ligaments of the hip bone can get exhausted. The hip bone can be broken during a sudden fall or other injuries. Any of these conditions can cause hip pain

If you experience inflammation or sore hips here is a summary what might be causing you uneasiness and how to get hip pain relief

Causes of Hip Pain

Symptoms of Hip Pain

It depends on the condition what is causing your hip pain, you might experience the irritation in your

  • Thigh
  • Inside of the hip joint
  • Groin
  • Outside of the hip joint
  • Buttocks

In some cases, pain accumulated from other parts of the body can also radiate hip pain such as pain from hernia, lower back or groin. You may feel that your pain  gets poorer specifically in the case of arthritis when you do any physical activity. Along with the pain you might also experience reduced mobilization. Some people may get a limp in the leg from continuous hip pain

Hip Pain Remedy

If your hip pain is caused by a tendon or ligament spasm, arthritis or tendinitis you can get relief by taking, easily available medicines such as NSAID and other similar drugs

Another remedy for relieving  hip pain is by treating the affected area with a pack of ice for about 10 to 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day, and make sure that you give plenty of rest to your affected joint

If you have arthritis, working out the hip joint with low exertion exercise such as stretching and physical therapy relieves hip pain and improves the range of motion

If arthritis and osteoarthritis become so severe that the pain worsens and the hip joint is deformed in such cases total hip replacement is considered as the treatment

People who get their hip fractured need to undergo replacement surgery to fix the broken joint

Get medical help right away if:

  • The hip pain came on suddenly.
  • A fall or other injury triggered the hip pain.
  • Your joint looks deformed or is bleeding.
  • You heard a popping noise in the joint when you injured it.
  • The pain is intense.
  • You can’t put any weight on your hip.
  • You can’t move your leg or hip.