Know the causes of your headache


Headaches are usually slow, throbbing or intense, sometimes the pain, rotate in different areas, involving the right side of the skull, lower end of the skull, neck, teeth and eyes

Since headaches cause uneasiness, the headache is not expected to arise from brain as the brain and the skull is connected with a long network of nerves, so the headache pain might not say to be directly arising from the brain, however, headaches can be caused by a wide variety of reasons including sleep disorders to caffeine withdrawal

Causes of the headaches

Headaches can be caused by several factors that might include;

 A poor way of living

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Skipping meals
  • Musculoskeletal problems in your neck
  • Medication side effects, from the long term use of painkillers

Viruses and allergies

Headaches are caused by infections in the nasal cavity, including sinus infections, that causes inflammation consequently causing pain at the back of the cheekbones and forehead

Pinched or damaged nerves

Occipital pain

The occipital nerves that are attached to the spine and runs by way of the muscles to the scalp, once the nerves get irritated they cause a shooting, tingling pain

Temporary arteritis

The condition that caused by inflamed or damaged arteries that supply blood directly to the skull and the brain results in severe headache along with vision impairment, jaw pain, shoulder pain and constant weight loss

Other causes

Other most observed causes of the headache might include;


Types of headaches

There are several types of headaches, each one has distinct cause and exhibit symptoms, one you come to know the type of headache you can easily explain your physician and can get the most appropriate treatment

Tension headaches; dull ache or pinching pain, spreading to neck and shoulder

Migraine headaches; sharp beating pain along with pulsating sensation. Other symptoms of migraine include; disturb vision, problems listening, repetitive movements accompanied by jerks

Cluster headaches; sharp pain accompanied by single eye pain, spreading to neck, face, head and shoulders

How can you get a quick relief from headache?

Headaches are sometimes an indication of an underlying cause of a disease and needs medical attention ,  however, you can control your headache by these quick tips

  • Treating the back of your neck with a heating pad
  • Taking a warm shower
  • Correcting posture
  • Changing environment for some time
  • Taking a rest and a quick nap
  • A lot of water intake