Know the causes and treatment of your Chest Wall Pain

If you experience a chest wall pain you need to be alarmed because  sometimes chest wall pain resembles more with the heart attack or other heart problems. But in some cases chest wall pain can be because of many other problems that are not related to heart conditions this article will provide you information about the causes and possible treatments for chest pain

Discussing the symptoms of chest pain keep in mind that the chest wall pain can be throbbing and sharp or even sometimes causes pressure. The pain usually worsens when;

  • Moving the upper body
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Engaging in any physical workout

The most reported pain of the chest wall is Costochondral pain that is inflammation and swelling of the cartilage connecting the rib and the breast bone

Causes of the Chest Wall Pain

However, till now the underlying causes of the pain is not understood, but the common causes that are reported;

the pain in the chest wall can be the consequences of sudden injury shock or accident

Arthritis; some physicians suggest that the pain can be the cause of damage or degeneration of the tissues or tendons such as osteoarthritis or Rheumatoids    

Physical pressure; chest wall pain can be also the reason of lifting heavy objects or excessive workout or  severe coughing may damage the soft tissues of the chest

Infections; the rib cage and the bones around the chest wall can be infected by bacteria, fungi or certain virus which creates inflammation and cause pain and discomfort

Tumor;  chest wall pain can also be the symptoms of tumors that usually spreads from the lungs thyroid or breast  to the rib cage causing severe pain

Treatments of chest wall pain

Usually the chest wall pain does not need any treatment and can be relieved on its own, however, there are some recommended treatments that can be taken at home;

Reducing physical workout and resting for long hours

Taking medicines that are available without prescription such as analgesic

Using cough relievers

Treating with a hot compress or heating pad

Opting for physical therapy

  • Taking over-the-counter oral analgesics
  • Reducing some types of physical activity
  • Using cough suppressants
  • Applying a hot compress or heating pad
  • Undergoing physical therapy
  • Physical therapy and in house stretches can be very helpful in relieving chest pain

Other treatments

These treatments can be only opted when you have tried all the other treatments at home and cannot cope with your chest wall pain. But if these treatments have a worse impact your daily routine, then you must immediately consult your physician

The treatments may include

  • Chest wall injections
  • Antibiotics
  • Treatments focused on underlying conditions, such as arthritis, injury, or cancer