Joint Injections

If joints are affected by arthritis or inflammation, including your shoulder, knee, elbow or wrist joints then steroid injections can help in this regard. These joint injections help in reducing pain and swelling in your joints by instilling easiness while moving.

How is it performed?

With the help of a fluoroscope low dose x-ray, a needle is injected into the exact portion of the sacroiliac or other joint. The doctor will ensure whether the position is right or not while injecting with the help of a contrast dye. Local anesthesia and anti-inflammatory steroid is also injected. In this treatment local injections into the ligaments are also helpful. The nerves that are supplying the sacroiliac joints are frequently injected. For patient’s comfort sedatives are also provided.

join injection location

Who are the candidates?

Patients suffering from arthritis, injuries, or strain of the sacroiliac joints or any other joints are the candidates for Joint Injections.

How long it takes?

The joint injection may take about 10 to 20 minutes.


Once the treatment is completed most patients are free to leave, after being monitored for a short period of time. Except for the anesthetic effect the patients are even able to walk properly after the treatment.


Such injections either have their effect temporary or permanent providing relief from one week up to ten years.