Intrathecal Pump Therapy

Intrathecal drug delivery or “pain pump” is a method of giving medication directly to your spinal cord. This medication helps in reducing pain. Also, by directly injecting in the area of the spinal cord, a much smaller dose is given.

How is it performed?

A small pump is used that is surgically placed under the skin of your abdomen and delivers medication through a catheter to the area around the spinal cord. The pump connected with the catheter is tunneled under the skin to the exact point where the medication is required.invasive treatment for spinal disc related chronic low back pain


Who are the candidates?

You may be a candidate of Intrathecal pump therapy if:

  • Traditional therapies have failed
  • No additional surgery is benefiting you
  • You are solely dependent on pain medications
  • You have no medical conditions that would prevent you from undergoing an implantation.
  • You are not allergic to any of the drugs used in pump.
  • You have experienced a positive response with a trail dose of medication.

How long it takes?

The surgery will take one and a half to two hours to complete.


You will feel completely recovered from the previous problems after a brief hospital stay.


There are almost minimal side effects of intrathecal pump therapy, as a very small amount of dose is injected in the site of pain. Hence the pain relief is much profound.