Improve your lifestyle and say goodbye to back pain

People who don’t opt for extreme treatment considering back pain have lesser complications than those who end up hustling into MRIs, X-rays, epidural injection, pain relieving drugs and even spine surgery extended before it’s truly worth. According to a study, as many as 90% of back pain complains resolves within a period of 6 weeks, though it arises from an injury or from structural or nerve problem. Knowing the truth might make your agonizing a bit more bearable, so try these pain managing techniques to relieve your pain

Go for a pill

A non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can help relieve the pain you are enduring. The research behind these medications for lower back pain indicates that these medications may give you a better relief as compared to other pain killers. However, more than 10 days intake of NSAIDs can cause gastric problems.

Heat and ice therapy

Get exposed to the bag of frozen peas or an ice pack for the initial 48 hours as the pain sets and repeat the remedy with an interval of 20 minutes per day. After a day or two switch to a heat therapy using a heating pad with the same 20 minute interval. “Concentrated cooling retards the capillaries and lessen blood flow to the area, which helps ease the swelling,” Says Zaki Anwar, medical director at the Pain management Institute, Chicago, Frankfort.Cold treatment prevents your nerve’s ability to send pain signals, heat on the contrary loosen tight muscles and facilitate circulation, generating extra oxygen to the point”

Consider that mattress

“The traditional treatments might mistaken, Unyielding coils may not do you any favors.” Zaki Anwar MD. A number of studies over the years suggest that people with lower back pain who sleep on a medium-firm mattresses cope up better than those with straight beds. “As for substituting yours, there is no fix rule,” says Dr Zaki Anwar MD,However, if your mattress is sinking or is more than 6 to 8 years, I recommend about replacing”

Watch your steps

Some back pain roots of the alignment problems. Women who take steps with feet rolled inwards when they walk might be vulnerable to lower back pain

Get on up

Taking the back pain too easy is the biggest enemy, old advices based on the bed rest are now abandoned on the contrary gentle stretches, walking and at intervals standing up at your desk can help strengthen your spine and prevent muscle shortening. Also simple yoga tricks can help beat back pain