Identifying the Causes of Sciatica!!

A Chronic pain that is felt either in the left or right leg and eventually makes it problematic for the victims to walk, sit, stand properly or even perform the routinely chores. This is basically sciatica pain that initiates from the lower back and travels through the buttock down the large sciatic nerve present in the back of each leg. According to doctors, sciatica is also described by a medical term such as radiculopathy which brings with it the happenings of numbness, tingling, weakness in the arms or legs.

The location of the sciatic nerve is described to be in the lumbar spine where the five sets of the paired nerve roots combine in order to form the sciatic nerve. While feeling this type of excruciating pain, you can reach its cure only when you are well aware of what the causes of the problem might be.

What are The Causes of Sciatica?

There are different spinal disorders as a result of which the spinal nerve gets compressed and the chronic sciatica pain is felt. Some of them are elaborated as:

Herniated Disc

Also known as a lumbar bulging disc, it means that there is a gel like center that remains fixed in the outer wall of the disc. Considering this, a herniated disc condition occurs when a non-contained disorder arises because of the nucleus that tears apart from the annulus fibrosis. This situation happens to press the adjacent nerve to it leading to sciatic pain.


In case of any external forces to the lumbar or spinal nerve roots, the nerve roots gets compressed leading to the acute sciatic pain. The mishaps like motor vehicle accidents, falling down or an injury while playing some sports can also result in nerve root compression.


This condition is described to be a disorder that mostly affects the lumbar spine. Moreover, it is defined to be a situation in which one vertebra slips forward to the adjacent vertebra thus creating the spinal nerve root compression because of which the sciatica pain occurs.

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