How you can manage your cancer pain?

Every individual who is suffering from cancer does not experience cancer pain, if you have a cancerous growth that have spread to other organs, or has reoccurred you might have higher chances of cancer pain

Cancer pain  can be observed in many different kinds, it can be sometimes, dull and achy or can be throbbing and inflammatory. The cancer pain may be continuous, infrequent, mild, moderate or sharp. The intensity of pain depends upon the type and severity of cancer and the location of the ailment

Cancer pain can be managed and managing cancer pain is vital for your cancer treatment

What causes cancer pain?

If the pain has occurred from the cancer itself, it can be due to cancer spreading or damaging nearby tissues, as the lump grows it pressurizes the nerves, bones and other muscular organs. The cancer also secretes such secretions that damages tissues and cause severe pain.

Treatment of the cancer can reduce pain as well, the common cancer treatments include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy might also cause cancer pain

Treatment of cancer pain

There are several ways to manage cancer pain, the actual cause of pain can be removed by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments

However, if the above measures for managing cancer pain cannot be taken the sufferer with the advice of the physician can take the medications that might include over the counter pain relieving drugs and steroid injections and tranquilizers

Also plenty of specialized treatments can be taken such as a nerve block, with local anesthesia injected into the nerve that blocks the pain messages from reaching the brain, other therapies include, acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapy, regular massage

What are some reasons for not receiving adequate treatment for cancer pain?

Miserably the cancer pain  is usually left untreated, and several factors and fears contribute to it which involves;

Negligence of the physician to inquire or offer treatment for cancer pain

The physicians need to ask and offer cancer pain treatment

The Hesitation of the people to tell about their pain

It is the common misconception of many people  that pain means worsening of cancer, however, others are feared being called a complainer

Fear of addiction

Addiction arise when you take pain medication with less or no pain, however, for the patients who take cancer pain medication as per the advice of the physicians, chances of addiction of addiction are relatively low

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