How to Cope With Back Pain At Work!

Back pain, especially when at work can be a great source of discomfort and distraction. In case the pain gets better after taking a day or two off from work then it means that you might be facing it because of extreme tiredness. But if the pain is consistent then it means that the environment is not appropriate for your body; either the ergonomics are not fine or the work involves too much physical attention.

What Can Be The Causes!

A number of factors at work can become the reason of chronic back pain. These include:


People with poor posture are most likely to face back pain as compared to the one who sit, stand and work uprightly. The posture can also get affected in the situation when the employees have inadequate space of sitting or working. Therefore, watch out to maintain an upright posture.

Repetitive Movements

If your job involves repetitive motions or positions then there are chances of having back pain as the back and neck becomes strained.

Isolated Accidents

The reason of your acute pain might be the individual accidents that happen as a result of lifting heavy objects all alone or due to some improper handling.

Check for the Symptoms!

Depending on the individual and the working environment in which the person is working the signs of the pain can vary. However the most common ones include:

Upper or Middle Back Pain

Pain that is felt from the rib cage to the top of the spine then it has its affect on both the arms as well as the hands. It also follows with numbness or swelling.

Lower Back Pain

From the rib cage to the bottom of the spine is known as the lower back pain that is described to be normally sharp and can happen as a result of some injury.

What can be the Preventive Measures?

  • Pay strict attention to your posture
  • Whatever you lift, lift properly
  • Watch for the repetitive Tasks
  • Let loose your body

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