How the women with severe pain found hope to live pain free?

My horrible experience into the agonizing world of Temporomandibular joint disorder started one evening, during my years of college. The day was usual. The pain began as a dull ache early in the day and eventually turned into an excruciating pain that strike through my head, blurring my vision. It was my first migraine. A few hours ago I was only enduring jaw pain, but didn’t ever thought the two had a connection. As the migraine stroke my jaw swollen to double the size that I had no other option and visit the Doctor who thought that I had a lump and need a biopsy. The diagnosis turned out my muscles have excessively thickened and tightened as I have lifted weights from my jaw for 8 hours every day. Several doctors visits, a lot of tests and physical examination at last I came to Dr. Zaki Anwar, Medical Director and Pain Management Specialist said; you might have TMJ, it wasn’t still confirmed but the chances were higher  

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder, often called the TMJ is a condition that brings about pain and impairment in the jaw joint and muscles that control jaw movement, it may also include some muscles from neck” says Zaki Anwa. MD

Facts and Stats

Around 10 million people in the United States are affected by TMJ disorder complaining pain in and around the jaw and ear, along with headache, jaw paralysis and discomfort. According to The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

What is TMD?

Unfortunately TMD is a chronic condition. I couldn’t find a cure to my pain, even after trying several treatments. I’d lost hope until I had a conversation with Chicago Based Pain Management Specialist Zaki Anwar, MD and it turned to my deadly TMJ

How Botox helps?

“You know Botox treatment may work for that, he told me, I  have injected many patients and there is potential relief from pain and swelling” Zaki explained. “By injecting Botox directly into the muscles relaxes the muscle activity and relieved TMD symptoms.” Highly convinced by the results I immediately booked an appointment with Zaki Anwar and started collecting more information about Botox treatment

It turned out that Botox is not a new treatment and it has been practiced by decades for several ailments, including migraine, Musculoskeletal pain and cramps, as a remedy to beautiful younger looking skin and enhancing the volume of the facial skin

If the Botox treatment is carried out by  someone non technical you can have a potential impairment, pain, spasms, lockjaw and problem chewing” says Dr Zaki Anwar, MD. “Hence it is very important to go for a board certified well trained dermatologist, plastic surgeon or Pain Management Specialist who understands the anatomy of jaw and have hands on experience for Botox treatment