How sympathetic nerve block is helpful


The sympathetic nerve passes from the anterior surface of the spinal column and does not have any connection with the nerves that provide feelings and firmness to the legs. The sympathetic nerves are responsible for the blood flow and temperature governing in the arms and legs, sweating, heart rate, digestion and blood pressure.

However the sympathetic nerves have some connection with the central nervous system. The supervision of the sympathetic nerves can be altered the alteration of the sympathetic nerve block can indicate various pains experienced by the body  

What is a sympathetic block and why is it helpful? 

A sympathetic nerve block carries injecting paralyzing medicine around the sympathetic nerve in the lower back or neck region. With the intention of reducing or eliminating the sympathetic nerve block is paralyzed. If the pain is noticeably reduced after the sympathetic nerve block it indicates sympathetic pain exists. The effects of the nerve block can occur after the therapy even, the process is repeated if the first nerve block is successful, but if the pain exists even after the sympathetic nerve block than the therapy is stopped

What will happen during the procedure?

A relaxation medicine is given through inter venous, after lying on the X-Ray bed, the skin of the area that is to be treated is cleaned. The physician just after cleaning will numb a small part of the skin with local anesthetic which can have a twitching affect for some time. The needle is injected in the supervision of the X-Ray to the sympathetic nerves. A contrasting pigmentation is injected to make sure that the injected medicine goes in the right direction. Once the initial injection is carried the numbing medicine is then slowly injected

What should I do and expect after the procedure? 

Half hours after the surgery you will be recommended to move the injected area to check the pain exist. You may not get sudden relieve just after the procedure even for few hours. You might experience warmth in the affected area for 4 to 18 hours soon after the block.

If the sympathetic nerves blocks are given in the neck, you might experience slight drooping in your eyelids and redness for a few hours

A mild pain is also reported by the patients as the amount of the medicine subsidized, or for several days the injected area pains. These can be treated with ice packs that will be more effective than a heating pad, you can take medicines up to 2 to 3 days but medicines should be discontinued so the diagnosis should be accurate