How Someone Can Get Rid Of Their Neck Pain?

Mild to moderate neck pain usually acknowledge well to self-care. For persistent pain, following are the neck pain treatment which you can use.

Short-term immobilization

You can use a soft collar to supports your neck may help relieve pain by taking pressure off from your neck’s structures. A collar might do more harm than good if it’s used for long time so avoid using it for more than three hours at a time or for more than one to two weeks.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

In this neck pain treatment electrode has been placed on your skin near the painful areas to deliver tiny electrical impulses that may relieve pain.

Physical therapy

A physical therapist teaches you correct posture, neck-strengthening exercises and alignment, and can use ice, heat, electrical stimulation and other measures to help ease your pain and prevent recurrence.


Acupuncture is a measure which can also use as neck pain treatment that involves the insertion of thin needles into various points on your body. It is helpful for many types of pain. You may need to undergo several acupuncture sessions for best and satisfactory results. Acupuncture is generally considered safe when it is performed by a certified practitioner and by using sterile needles.


Massage manipulates the muscles in your neck. Evidence exists to support massage in people with neck pain but it may provide relief when combined with other doctor’s recommended treatments.


Traction uses weights, pulleys or an air bladder to mildly stretch your neck. This neck pain treatment, under supervision of a physical therapist and medical professional may provide relief of some neck pain, especially pain related to nerve root irritation.

Steroid injections

Corticosteroid medications injection near the nerve roots, into the small facet joints in the bones of the cervical spine or into the muscles in your neck help with pain. Numbing medications also can be injected to relieve your neck pain.

Radiofrequency denervation

Radiofrequency denervation helps with long-term neck pain that originates from your facet joints. This procedure uses electrical currents produced by radio waves to heat up the tip of a needle and then that needle used to stop nerve endings sending pain signals to brain.

Radiofrequency denervation is a neck pain treatment which only considered after other treatments have failed and steroid injections have successfully reduced neck pain for a short period of time.


Rarely needed for neck pain, it might be an option for spinal cord compression or relieving nerve root.

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