Here is How You Can Combat Sciatic Nerve Pain!!

After a long hectic day, fully packed schedule and after performing numerous tasks at home or sometimes doing the outside ones as well land you in the trouble of pain in the back of the legs starting from the lower spine and going down the leg, known as sciatic pain This is extremely painful, as you feel irritated by the pain in your legs and difficulty in performing the usual tasks. You feel pain while sitting, standing, bending, walking so much so that it is even difficult for you to rest lying straight on the bed. Do not ignore this, as if it is not cared about properly then it can lead to intolerable pain.

Let’s explore the natural treatments that can help Alleviate Sciatic Pain

Yoga & Stretching

Make sure the movements you perform. If you aren’t aware about the right ones then it can simply aggravate sciatic pain. For instance the movements like raising the legs that would result in scrunching or shortening of the spine may only worsen the pain to a greater extent.

Instead try to lengthen the spine through stretching or perform yoga lying down that will eventually lead to reduced stiffness, inflammation, and pain.

Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

These are non surgical approaches that help in opening up the muscles that fill the channels and tissues of the body with energy improving the blood circulation and serving as a way to fight the chronic sciatic pain.

Do not sit for Long Periods

Sitting for a greater period of time, watching TV continuously for hours will only worsen the pain. Most pain management specialists advise for more movement as according to them it eases the pain. Some specific exercises or isometric exercises are recommended that help relieve the pain in the legs and improve the strength.

Reduction in Inflammation

It is usually observed that the people with back pain often are the victims of sciatic pain. Moreover, the risk factors that can lead to this pain include

  • The older age
  • Mental stress
  • Being heighted
  • Overwight/obese
  • Sitting for long hours
  • Smoking etc

These risks in turn cause inflammation. To fight this, you are recommended to have a proper nutrient full diet, avoid recreational drugs, workout regularly and have a good night’s sleep.

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