Here Is How To Treat Neck Pain Because of Cervical Strain

Coming back tired of a full hectic day, the office goers might be fully aware of how neck becomes stiff and makes them uneasy at workplace the next day. Moreover, those who stay at home sometimes neck down, indulged in their smart phone or the ones involved in different house chores that demand bending your back etc can also become the reason leading to chronic neck pain.

In order to obtain quick relief, here we have elaborated some simple ways that will assist in healing your neck in a very short span of time, thus letting you to join your normal routine as soon as possible.

Cervical Strain Giving Rise To Neck Pain!

This is the condition in which the muscles in the neck become tight. When this happens the motion and mobility of a person becomes limited giving rise to acute neck pain. In such a situation, one should opt for a measure that will help in promoting blood circulation thus healing the affected area. So, let’s explore what can be done when there happens to be tension in the muscles.

Cervical Traction

Gentle traction to the muscles will help in alleviating the pressure on the muscles, thus improving the blood supply to the neck muscles, tendons and ligaments. Cervical traction can also be performed by anyone in a manual fashion. If you or any of your loved one is facing neck pain due cervical strain then go for the following:

Make the patient, lie down on his back and place a folded towel in a lengthwise manner at the back of his head. Now pull the towel towards yourself and carry on with the same position for at least three minutes. You will definitely see excellent results when performing this activity.


Epsom Salt which is in actuality Magnesium Sulfate is very beneficial in relaxing the tight muscles. So, when it is about chronic neck pain, try soaking your neck in Epsom salt water as this will help in alleviating the pain efficiently.

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